DWG KIA’s Canyon dismantles DRX in final week of 2022 LCK Spring Split regular season

Canyon styled on DRX today.

Photo via Riot Games

DWG KIA swept DRX today in week nine of the 2022 LCK Spring Split.

In a tight battle for third place, both DWG KIA and DRX entered today’s League of Legends match knowing that this could possibly be their most important series of the regular season. 

For DRX, a win against DWG KIA would have put them in the driver’s seat to finish in third. But a win for DWG KIA would mean that fourth would likely be the path for DRX going into playoffs.

Today’s series ended up being an unfortunate set of games for DRX, who were dominated by DWG KIA jungler Canyon in both games. 

In game one, Canyon was gifted the Volibear, which allowed him to decimate the early game over Pyosik’s Hecarim in a 25-minute snowball victory for DWG KIA. Then, in game two, Canyon was constantly able to track Pyosik and stop him from making plays around the map. This allowed DWG KIA to storm through DRX in the mid game and held them to just one kill in game two. In his two dominant games, Canyon died only once and held a total scoreline of 8/1/15. DRX were held to just five total kills across the two games played today.

This win improves DWG KIA’s chances of securing third place at the end of the 2022 LCK Spring Split regular season since they now have an 11-6 record, tied with DRX. But because their individual game record is at 27-13 compared to DRX’s 22-17, DWG KIA would secure third in this tiebreaker scenario.

The only opportunity for DRX to usurp DWG KIA in the standings now is to do what no other team has done and defeat T1. They’d need to beat T1 and need DWG KIA to lose against Fredit BRION, a team that has been hit by several positive COVID tests recently.

DWG KIA will play their final match of the 2022 LCK Spring Split on March 19, where they’ll look to end their regular season strong with a 12-6 record. As for DRX, their match against T1 will be played the following day and will act as the final match of the regular season. T1 will be trying to become the first LCK team to go 18-0 in a split.

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