DWG KIA reverse sweep Gen.G in third week of 2021 LCK Spring Split

The Canyon jungle difference was too much for Gen.G to handle.

Photo via Riot Games

DWG KIA beat Gen.G 2-1 today in one of the best matches of the 2021 LCK Spring Split so far. DK surprised League of Legends fans with a tactic to control the Udyr pick that’s been running wild for the past couple of weeks in the LCK.

The first MVP vote for DK went to Khan for his Gnar. He won his lane and provided valuable crowd control in teamfights. Khan was the pillar of DK’s composition and his engages allowed his team to get easy kills.

DK’s second MVP of the series went to Canyon for his wonderful display of skill on Udyr. After shutting down Gen.G’s Udyr in the second game, he picked it himself in the third to show how powerful this pick can be in the proper hands. He finished the game with a KDA of 1/1/11 and 80-percent kill participation.

The matchup between these two teams was hyped up since both have been showing great individual performances and good teamfighting skills over the past couple of weeks. Gen.G took the lead in the series with a 52-minute win in the first game. Even though the gold lead was no more than 4,000, Gen.G had the edge in teamfights with their composition. Off the back of Rakan’s engages, Gen.G were able to clean up DK in a crucial teamfight in the later stages of the game before pushing to take down the Nexus.

After their loss in the first game, DK changed their draft aside from the Gnar in the top lane. This time, however, they banned Quinn, which proved to be a huge problem in the first game. With Khan unchained on Gnar, he used the champion to dominate his opponent, using his teleport to roam around the map and build a huge lead for DK from the early game. With all lanes ahead, DK extended their lead and equalized the series off a Baron play.

In the third game, Gen.G banned out Khan’s Gnar, but it didn’t help them out. Canyon’s Udyr controlled the pace of the game, constantly ganking Gen.G players and using his lead to secure neutral objectives. After taking down an inhibitor at 19 minutes, DK used their gold lead to build an item advantage and complete the reverse sweep.

Following this win, DK (4-1) have climbed to second place in the 2021 LCK Spring Split. Their next matchup is against Hanwha Life Esports, a team led by Chovy and Deft that’s on top of the standings. Tune in on Friday, Jan. 29 at 5am CT to see if ShowMaker can pop off against Chovy and lead his team to victory.

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