DWG KIA begin LCK title defense with first Summer Split win over T1

The defending champs are off to a raucous start to the Summer Split.

Photo via Riot Games

If DWG KIA are going to capture another LCK title, they’ll need to beat the league’s top competitors on a consistent basis between now and the end of the 2021 Summer Split. And today, the team got off on the right foot by winning a decisive best-of-three against T1 to open up yet another title defense run. 

The two teams were able to trade blows throughout the first two games, with DWG KIA taking game one and T1 roaring right back to grab game two. In the third game of the series, however, the situation was looking tense, with T1 and DWG deadlocked in a gold tie heading into the late game. Still, DWG won in traditional fashion, mounting a surge of momentum in the final moments of the game after winning several teamfights down the line. 

If anything, today’s win mimicked many of DWG’s victories at last month’s Mid-Season Invitational, where the team managed to find more success the longer the game went on. And, in a similar fashion to the team’s MSI performances, ShowMaker stood out as a top-performing factor in today’s win over T1 as well. His versatility in champion picks was on display early today. The All-Pro mid laner picked up Lucian, Sylas, and Karma across today’s three games, posting a 9/6/23 scoreline throughout the series. 

DWG KIA will look to continue another potential wire-to-wire run to the championship on Sunday, June 13 when they play their second game of the Summer Split against the winless KT Rolster. As for T1, they’ll return to the Rift next Thursday, June 17 for a match against their apparent Spring Split rival, Fredit BRION.

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