DragonX destroy Invictus Gaming at Mid-Season Cup

It would seem that every IG game features TheShy being solo killed or getting solo kills.

Photo via Riot Games

After a disappointing start for LCK teams on the opening day of the 2020 Mid-Season Cup, DragonX found revenge for their fallen Korean brothers in their match against Invictus Gaming today. They dismantled the Chinese League of Legends team with relative ease.

Both T1 and Damwon Gaming, the teams representing the Korean region in Group A, failed to live up to expectations yesterday and were eliminated from the online international event. The other two LCK teams, Gen.G and DragonX, are Korea’s last remaining hopes of advancing to the knockout stage of the tournament.

Despite losing an early skirmish that put them behind two kills, DragonX played a calm and calculated game centered around using their strong poke damage from Senna, Ezreal, and Zoe to keep the aggressive IG at a distance.

Generally their own worst enemy, LPL teams play at their own pace—and this game was no exception. This resulted in two separate overly-aggressive tower dives in the bot lane that went awry, netting DragonX three kills. Simultaneously, their top laner Doran was able to solo kill TheShy after the IG top laner overextended.

That was the moment in which the momentum truly swung toward the Korean side. The Lucian in IG’s top lane was supposed to be their pressure point and win condition. But instead, he found himself losing CS after being repeatedly ganked and solo killed.

Following that, as any good Korean squad will do, DragonX began to play constrictive League by slowly whittling away at objectives, avoiding unnecessary conflicts, and building deep map vision. The game ended at the 32-minute mark with DragonX just basically walking it in.

DragonX will now look to consolidate their Group B lead with a win against Gen.G. If the team wants to guarantee a spot in the playoffs, though, they’ll have to take down defending LPL champions JDG later in the day.