Doublelift surprised by invisible Nunu bug during gank

It appears that the bug has resurfaced.

Photo via Riot Games

Getting ganked in League of Legends can be a frightening affair. But it’s even scarier when you can’t see the enemy jungler coming.

Team Liquid AD carry Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng had the pleasure of encountering the invisible Nunu bug during his Twitch broadcast last night, giving him a one-way ticket to the gray screen of death.

The pro player had prepared for a potential gank by holding on to a skill point. If he saw the enemy jungler coming, he’d level up Miss Fortune’s Make It Rain (E) to slow them down. But unfortunately for Doublelift, it was impossible to see Nunu coming.

The Boy and his Yeti appeared out of thin air with a huge snowball in tow, taking Doublelift out before he could react.

“What the fuck,” Doublelift yelled in surprise. “What the fuck just happened? What?”

This isn’t the first time the invisible Nunu bug has hit the Rift. The glitch has been plaguing Riot’s MOBA throughout the last year but appeared to be fixed. One player believes the bug has resurfaced after December’s Patch 9.24, updating their nine-month-old Reddit post with more information.

The exact cause of the bug isn’t confirmed. But if players don’t get early vision of Nunu, he’ll show up invisible during his first gank.

Though it’s unlikely that Nunu will be a high-priority pick, this bug should get sorted out before it appears in League’s professional scene.

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