Doublelift gets hilarious double kill on Aphelios

"I can't even say AD carry is a weak role anymore."

Image via Riot Games

Aphelios has always been the butt of many League of Legends players’ jokes due to how overtuned his kit can be. In fact, TSM’s star AD carry Doublelift was caught by surprise when he grabbed an unexpected double kill by using the Infernum firebolt during a solo queue stream last night.

Prior to the play, Doublelift had already picked up three kills, but only had an Infinity Edge and Berserker’s Greaves complete in his inventory. As a result, the amount of damage he dealt in such a short time is exactly why the champion is getting some big nerfs in the next patch.

At the start of the fight, for example, the 26-year-old walked up and auto-attacked the enemy Kalista for over 600 damage with Aphelios’ Crescendum weapon. He laughed to himself, saying that the interaction was “pretty balanced.” But as he switched to his Infernum weapon, even he didn’t expect to see two of his enemies die so quickly.

When he walked up to auto-attack the Daisy summoned by the enemy Ivern, the resulting splash from Infernum caught Ivern in the crossfire, killing him while he was just under 25 percent health.

A similar interaction then occurred underneath an enemy tower a short moment after with the opposing team’s Kalista. When Doublelift walked up to auto-attack a minion, the Kalista accidentally moved into range and the splash killed her as well.

This was one of the most casual double kills of the pro player’s life—and it wouldn’t have been possible without Aphelios. But Riot Games is applying some significant nerfs to the champ in Patch 10.13 that should reduce his power.