29 December 2017 - 14:11

League's Dec. 29 champion and skin sale is a late Christmas present for support mains

Tahm Kench, Braum, and Nami highlight today's offers.
Image via Riot Games

This week's League of Legends champion and skin sales are sure to delight fans that main support on Summoner's Rift.

Brau and Tahm Kench, two of the strongest supports currently in the metagame, are available at half price. A fan-favorite skin for Nami is also available to those that have money left over from the holiday season.

The skins and champions on offer in other lanes aren't that bad either, so there's a lot on offer in the final sale of the year.


Tahm Kench

Image via Riot Games

With so much utility in his kit, Tahm Kench can easily be played as a support or as a top lane tank. As a support, your focus will need to be on tanking shots for your ADC and swallowing them to safety during enemy ganks. Be sure to use your E ability at the right time to soak up tons of damage.


Image via Riot Games

Twitch is a burst ADC that relies on stealth to sneak behind his foes to deal massive amount of damage. During teamfights, be patient and wait for your team to engage to surprise your opponents and kill them off before they even notice your existence.


Image via Riot Games

Braum is best used in a support role when against an enemy team full of ranged users. His shield ability can block the damage from most ranged attacks, keeping the enemy at bay. Braum can also use his passive to stun an opponent after three hits either as a form of attack or defense.


Image via Riot Games

Fiora is one of the game's strongest engage top laners. By building an early gold lead, she can spike in damage and keep enemies at bay, denying them farm and chances to engage. Even when ganked by an enemy jungler, Fiora can get away with ease or, if she is really ahead, get two swift kills.


Giant Enemy Crabgot

Image via Riot Games

Crabgot is every Urgot player's favorite skin. Take Urgot, a creepy mix of man and machine, and turn him into a giant Crab creature and you have a surprisingly well done cheap skin for players to get their hands on. The skin is on sale for 260 RP.

Urf the Nami-tee

Image via Riot Games

Urf the Manatee was a champion conceived as an April Fool's Day joke a few years ago. Even though it was a joke, the League community fell in love with the character, forcing Riot to bring out merchandise and skins based on Urf since his initial reveal.

Nami-tee is one of those skins and is also one of Nami's most beloved skins in the community. It is only sale for 375 RP.

Galactic Azir

Image via Riot Games

This isn't really one of Azir best skins. The skin is nothing more than a purple Azir with a few changes to his soldiers looks to warrant the price tag. If you are after a better Azir skin then Warring Kingdoms or SKT are far superior. This skin is on sale for 487 RP.

Surfer Singed

Image via Riot Games

Even insane scientists need a break sometimes.

With his new look, Singed looks like an Australian Ezreal with those gold flowing locks of hair. His poison bottle is also replaced by a giant bottle of sunscreen, and his shield replaced by a giant surfboard. It is on sale for 487 RP.

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