Dan Dan’s Kayle leads Misfits to win over Vitality in LEC Summer Split

It was like watching a game of ping-pong.

Photo via Riot Games

Misfits Gaming picked up their first victory of the week today against Team Vitality after 30 minutes of constant back-and-forth, ping-pong style League of Legends. Top laner Dan Dan produced a 7/2/8 scoreline on Kayle to help Misfits earn their third win of the 2020 LEC Summer Split.

Although both of these teams are aiming for that sweet spot in the playoffs this summer, they took a serious step back last week in terms of their performances. Febiven and Razork struggled, but they both came back stronger today with Azir in the mid lane and Lee Sin in the jungle. Vitality, on the other hand, were coming off of two losses against MAD Lions and Rogue last weekend.

Though both teams are strong contenders for playoff spots, they both have big question marks in terms of execution and consistency. After today’s performance, however, these teams showed that they’re slowly getting a hold of their issues.

After Vitality’s Nji got first blood on Dan Dan, the early game was fairly even between the two teams in terms of gold and objectives. But Misfits started ramping up and gained a 2,000 gold advatage by the 12th minute.

The climax of the game came after a failed Baron attempt from Misfits. Vitality took it shortly after, which gave them a clear advantage. It briefly seemed like they were ahead of the game.

Both teams maintained their consistency without either being clearly ahead of the other. But after an extended fight around the 30-minute mark in which Kobbe and Dan Dan obliterated their enemies, Misfits were ready to go all-in for the enemy Nexus.

Dan Dan was voted the KIA Player of the Game due to his exceptional performance on Kayle.

Misfits will be back in action tomorrow when they take on Excel Esports at 11am CT.