Damwon sweep T1 in LCK Summer Split

T1 drop to 3-2 this split.

Photo via Riot Games

Damwon Gaming climbed closer to the top of the 2020 LCK Summer Split standings today by beating T1.

Damwon came into this series as the favorites since they won both of their last matchups against T1 in the LCK Spring Split and Mid-Season Cup. T1 put up a fight today but were unable to win either of the two League of Legends games.

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In this series, T1’s players displayed good mechanical skills by almost turning teamfights around with one crucial action. In the second game, Faker was on LeBlanc and Teddy was piloting Ezreal, two picks that they’re known for. But they didn’t find the opportunities to take advantage of their lead in both games.

DWG, on the other side, showed great coordination and control of the map to shut down T1. They also chose versatile drafts, with open possibilities in the early or mid game, as well as some scaling for the late game.

The first game was marked by an impressive Baron steal from DWG mid laner ShowMaker’s Syndra, who was left alone against the five players of T1.

DWG struggled to wrap up the last game of the series, which went over 40 minutes. But they took the win after an intense teamfight around the Elder Drake, at a critical point where one single mistake could’ve given the win to either team.

Despite picking up a meaningful victory, DWG were critical of their performance. ShowMaker said they “underperformed” in the post-match interview. “Usually, we always end games early and we have a lot of fights, but today, we weren’t characteristic of ourselves,” he said.

“It was a really hard game, but still, I’m happy that we got this one and took down a strong team,” said DWG AD carry Ghost, who was the player of the game in game two on Varus.

With this victory, DWG sit in second place in the LCK Summer Split standings at 4-1 while T1 (3-2) fall to fifth place. Faker also lost his first game on LeBlanc since the start of the season.

T1 will have a tough matchup to finish the week when they go up against Gen.G on Friday, July 3.