Crash- rookie of the split??

I would love any kind of feedback either comment or tweet at me what you thought thanks.

Crash starting off his LCK career on a good note after his performance in the LZ vs Cj Entus match although being his first professional game. he is looking pretty impressive as apposed to fellow rookies like Peanut/Chaser who has around the same style but has far better ward placements and communication and all around better game sense then Peanut although. Peanut has quite good game sense he can make very questionable calls to dives but to the topic at hand. Crash has this ability to feel the game out and know where he needs to be and know when to counter jungle and when to place deep wards as opposed to other rookie Junglers from other regions. Like Moon Crumbzz and even Santorin who make it seem like they are afraid to play the game they wont do any aggressive movements and just play a defensive jungling style. That only works if you have laners who can absolutely dominate the lanes and unlike them  he is not afraid to go aggressive and get in the enemy junglers face and create opportunity for his laners becuase of how aggressive crash Nidalee was he created a window for Pure to get a great roam on Sky and fore flame to just free farm on Gp. Crash nullified Bubbling Elise for the whole game with how fast crash could clear with Nidalee by the 15 min mark not only did he have massive jungle pressure he had 50 cs on Bubbling Elise around the same cs as the top laners. he shows great promise as this being his first few games in professional play. He forced Cj to play super defensive with the amount of pressure he was creating. the deep wards/communication made it so not only was he safe but gave his laners the information to be as aggressive as they wanted. This gave Frozen the opportunity to be as aggressive as he wanted on a champion that compliments that style. that all came from not just pressure in the jungle but lane pressure that  he put up was phenomenal. He has so much potential to be a one of the  great if not the best jungler in Korea. He had a few blunders during the game such as getting caught in his own jungler due to now enough ward coverage but other then that i believe he can be rookie of the split if given enough game time and attention from the team/coaching staff.