Cosplayer creates Jinx from Arcane look completely by hand

This cosplay looks like it came straight out of the show.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Since it launched on Netflix last November, Arcane, Riot Games’ first animated series based on the world of League of Legends, has taken over all aspects of popular culture. One of these areas is the already League-saturated cosplay world, giving fans the potential to dress as new characters, as well as old ones with new looks.

Reddit user u/hoodbobthugpants opted to cosplay Jinx, specifically the look that she displays in Arcane. In the video they shared regarding the creation process, they showcased how every part of the steampunk-esque outfit came to be, from designing the pants to ironing and braiding the bright blue wig. To truly bring out the look of the Loose Cannon, they put their all into designing, stitching, cutting out, and putting together every piece of the outfit entirely by hand.

The Reddit user noted that the creation process for both the outfit and Jinx’s rocket launcher, Fishbones, took about three months. As an added touch, both the pants and Fishbones include RGB lights to make it stand out further. They’re currently in the process of putting together Jinx’s minigun, Pow-Pow, to fully complete the look. This Jinx cosplay earned them first place at a recent cosplay competition, acknowledging the time and effort they put into bringing this iconic character to life.

“I always recommend watching every YouTube cosplay tutorial you see even if it’s not a character/game/etc you’re interested in,” u/hoodbobthugpants said, encouraging others to partake in cosplay-making. “It’s not about the outcome, it’s about the technique the person used to get there that you can apply to your own work.”

All nine episodes of Arcane are now available to watch on Netflix. Riot revealed that season two is in production, though no time frame of release has been given.