Cloud9 take down Dignitas, secure berth in bracket stage of LCS Lock In

Cloud9 is the second team from Group B moving on to the bracket stage.

Photo via Riot Games

A week after opening the LCS Lock In tournament with a loss to Evil Geniuses, Cloud9 kicked off the second week of play at the LCS Lock In tournament with a fairly convincing win over Dignitas. 

Highlighted by strong performances from Blaber and Vulcan, Cloud9 were able to secure the win despite some early-game aggression and control from Dignitas. 

Dignitas jumped out to an early 1,000-gold lead at the 10-minute mark thanks to two early kills from Dardoch and FakeGod. And although Cloud9 was able to keep Dignitas on its toes with several cross-map kills throughout the early game, Dignitas claimed the first three dragons of the contest, forcing a pivotal fight over an Ocean Soul 27 minutes into the game.

That fight ultimately decided the outcome of the contest, as Cloud9 got two game-changing picks and began mounting an objective-focused comeback. Finally, after countless objectives and a rapidly-increasing gold advantage through Cloud9 into the driver’s seat, the team closed out a relatively straightforward and textbook win in 36 minutes.

With this win, Cloud9 has secured itself second place in Group B, as well as a spot in the bracket stage of the LCS Lock In tournament. The team will play again either tomorrow or Sunday, depending on how the remainder of this evening’s games play out.

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