Cloud9 break LCS trophy after winning Spring Split

They'll probably need a new one.

Photo via Riot Games

The LCS Spring finals featured two teams that were both hungry for success yesterday. Cloud9 were trying to end their six-year championship drought while FlyQuest were eager to bring home the organization’s first LCS trophy. 

Cloud9 managed to sweep FlyQuest, but their celebration was cut short after they immediately broke the trophy.

FlyQuest tried to put up a fight, but Cloud9’s dominant playstyle that they showcased throughout the split prevailed. After FlyQuest’s Nexus fell in the third game, C9 were filled with joy and were ready to celebrate their win in their team house. Viewers could only see the team jumping around but everything took a turn for the worse when the stream moved on to the caster’s desk.

The team’s CEO, Jack Etienne, walked into the room with the LCS trophy in his hands and gave it to the squad to victoriously raise above their heads.

It seems like a combination of some of C9’s players being taller than average and the ceiling being too low caused the trophy to break, however. 

Nisqy was the only player who managed to grab a picture with the trophy before this disaster. It looks like the others will need to wait a bit longer for visual documentation.

C9 might be missing their trophy right now, but it still doesn’t change the fact that they had one of the most dominant seasons in the LCS with their 17-1 regular season record. Fans of the team likely can’t wait to see how they’ll perform at MSI or find out if breaking trophies is a new C9 curse.

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