Cloud9 Academy’s Zven finishes first in inaugural Champions Queue season

The championship-winning ADC can add another accolade to his collection.

Photo by Oshin Tudayan/Riot Games via ESPAT

After three months of the first season of League of Legends’ Champions Queue in North America, a sole player can now call himself the inaugural season champion.

Cloud9 Academy’s ADC player and former LCS starter, Zven, ended the Spring season of Champions Queue as the number one overall player. He ended the first split in fifth with 30 season points, then bounced up to second in the second split with 40 points for a total of 70 overall.

CLG Academy’s top laner, Dhokla, who came in first in the second split, also finished the season with 70 season points, though trailed Zven’s win rate by two percent, placing him second overall for the inaugural season of Champions Queue. Evil Geniuses’ Jojopyun came in third with 60 season points, followed by EG Academy’s Kaori with 60 points and Golden Guardians’ Olleh with 50.

Riot Games announced the Champions Queue initiative earlier this year as a way for professional North American League players—including LCS, Academy, and amateur players—to practice in a more stable environment outside of solo queue. It has since been the recipient of controversy from fans and players alike due to its dwindling playerbase, though Riot confirmed it is working with players to fix issues for the delayed Summer season, set to begin at the end of May.

Those interested in viewing the standings can visit the official Champions Queue website, where all players, their Twitch streams, and their Twitter accounts are linked. Players often stream their perspectives on their respective Twitch channels, which is the only way to watch the games live.

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