Riot is relaunching Clash with a one-day test in the Oceania region

Which region will get a chance to play it next?

Image via Riot Games

Riot is slowly starting to test Clash, League of Legends’ new tournament feature, in certain regions as it gears up for the mode’s eventual relaunch.

This news follows the delay of Clash tournaments in all regions on May 25 when the highly-anticipated mode was canceled due to an apparent severe technical issue. In order to compensate players at the time, Riot decided to activate ARURF, one of League’s most popular game modes.

Clash will be relaunching in the Oceania region as a one-day test on June 5 so that Riot can make sure everything runs smoothly this time around. Players won’t need a Clash ticket, an item required for the tournament mode that can be bought with in-game currency, to take part in the test—everyone in the region can enter for free.

While the rewards given to players taking part in the one-day test won’t be the same as the normal Clash experience, Riot is offering Oceania players the chance to earn Victory Points, a summoner icon for winning the bracket, an exclusive beta-only banner (at 500 VP), and one guaranteed Clash Orb.

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These items will only be available for Oceania players participating in the one-day test and won’t be handed out when Clash relaunches sometime in the future. In addition, four-team brackets will be used during the test period so Riot can work on getting the mode ready for its future relaunch.

The one-day test of Clash in the Oceania region will take place on Tuesday, June 5 at 7pm AEST.