Champion healing, heal and shield power from items nerfed on League’s PBE

Sustain continues to be one of the most oppressive factors in League.

Image via Riot Games

The durability changes in League of Legends aimed to decrease the effectiveness of healing and shielding due to each champion gaining a bit more self-sustain with increased defenses. Some champions and items continue to stand out as outliers to these nerfs, leading Riot to step in with another round of survivability nerfs.

Riot Truexy, associate game designer on the Summoner’s Rift team for League, revealed that a handful of changes aimed at reducing the power of healing and shielding in the game are ready to test on the PBE. These changes are expected to be released in Patch 12.14, though some could be delayed to future patches if they are inefficient.

Many of the enchanter-centric items that provide boosts to healing and shielding, including components like Forbidden Idol and completed items like Ardent Censer, are having their power reduced slightly. Each item is receiving a two-to-four-percent decrease in the buffs they provide to healing and shielding to lower the sustainability that these survivability methods provide.

Various champions whose designs are focused on their ability to heal and shield themselves or others are also being tuned. The self-healing of Aatrox and Kayn’s Rhaast form that rewards them for diving straight into clusters of enemies is being reduced at all ranks, while both champions gain a bit more health per level to compensate.

Yuumi’s heal, a part of her kit that has long made her difficult to deal with, is receiving a slight nerf to the bonus AP ratio that boosts the heal’s effectiveness. Janna’s E passive that boosts heal and shield power is being reduced slightly, while the shield itself will block more damage at all levels. Her ultimate will heal for more at early ranks and receive a better AP ratio.

Outside of healing and shielding, Wukong is also listed as receiving buffs to his sustain and damage. While the health regeneration on his passive is down, the damage ratio on his ultimate is up.

Players can test these changes to healing and shielding, two very oppressive methods of sustain that have been dominant in League for some time, now on the PBE. Truexy explains that while they are set to release to live servers in Patch 12.14, they may be delayed if the results aren’t what the team wants.