CGA’s Ryan Interviews Vasilii About His Return to Form

Hi everyone~ I'm Ryan. After the last two matches, VG was finally able to secure their first 2-0 victory over iG, who's been a very strong and consistent team. How are you feeling right now? Vasilii: Right now, I'm very happy.

Hi everyone~ I’m Ryan. After the last two matches, VG was finally able to secure their first 2-0 victory over iG, who’s been a very strong and consistent team. How are you feeling right now?

Vasilii: Right now, I’m very happy. We were able to get our first 2-0 win and it was against iG, a team we weren’t too familiar with.

Even though you and your team have clearly risen to the occasion, it’s taken some time. The second week of the LPL, in fact. When you returned to China, it seemed like you had some trouble acclimating. Was it because of this?

Vasilii: I feel like it’s because my performance in the last two weeks was a result of my mentality. I was too overconfident, so I had some very inconsistent performances as a result.

You were able to get a 3-1 record this week, which isn’t bad. But are there any changes you and your team will make down the line?

Vasilii: I really wasn’t satisfied with my performance yesterday. I kept looking for the reason why I wasn’t doing well–I kept asking myself “Why?” And one hour before the games today, I realized it. When I’m competing, I have to smooth over my thoughts and stabilize mentality. No matter what happens, I have to remain calm and finish playing as best as I can. Only then can I think about other things. This realization has definitely given me better results.

Could you briefly tell us about your performance in the last two matches?

Vasilii: Well, first, I hope I can maintain my current mentality. After I stabilize my mentality, I can improve. I feel like there’s still a gap between me and Mata because we haven’t been playing together very long. In addition, we don’t duo-queue a lot together. After today, we’re planning to go home and duo-queue a lot more to improve our synergy.

You played iG in your last match, but their team was different from last week. This time, you had Zzitai and Save on stage. You must’ve seen iG play last week. What do you think is different about these two players? And to defeat them, what kind of strategy did you use?

Vasilii: I feel like Rookie and KaKAO have very good mid-jungle synergy. When they switched players this week, I felt like they might not have gotten used to one another yet so they didn’t perform ideally.

I was reading Weibo and saw that your team leader mentioned you had a meeting with everyone to examine the state of where your team is. Could you tell us what you talked about in that meeting?

Vasilii: At the time, after I finished playing, I was really unhappy. So I just brought up that we should have a meeting to express our concerns. When we had the meeting, I was the first one to say, “I’m sorry everyone. I’ve been playing poorly because my mentality has been awful. Please believe in me and give me some time. I will definitely fix this.”

After defeating iG, we can say this has been a great way to open things up for your team. Do you have any hopes for your team as the season progresses?

Vasilii: I hope that we all play to our best efforts and that our synergy together becomes stronger and stronger. We’ll take it one step at a time. I hope we play to the best of our abilities and achieve a good record. If the five of us can synergize to our best ability, then I’ll be satisfied.

The pressure must be intense for this week since you didn’t perform as well in the past two weeks. There are definitely people online who will scrutinize you, even the fans you have in America who must be wondering about why you left for China. There might be people who say “Oh, he’s not performing well.” But I really feel like this time, you’ve validated yourself as a player and you’re returning to your former strength. Do you have anything to say to the fans who might have been more questioning of you?

Vasilii:When I said things like “I think there are a few problems with the way you play” my teammate would reply, “You can’t blame me. You feed in LPL, yet you’re blaming me in solo-queue?” And then I can’t say anything back.

What about the fans who have supported you? Do you have anything to say thanking them?

Vasilii: Well, honestly, I think the pressure is a good thing. Even though it might not be great for my feelings, it really makes me think about how I can correct my mentality. So their criticism is also a sort of support for me.

I hope that you can return to your original strength as the competition progresses. Thank you so much for interviewing with us today~!