Caps leads all LEC playoff participants in both kills and deaths

Caps or Craps?

Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

Every LEC fan knows who G2 Esports’ star AD carry Caps is. But they also know that he has a horrible alter ego named Craps who likes to rear his ugly head from time to time.

During this split’s playoffs, both Caps and Craps have been equally as present. The 20-year-old has the most kills and deaths of any player competing in the LEC playoffs.

Through nine playoff games, Caps has 55 kills and 42 deaths, which gives him a KDA of 2.9. He has one of the lowest KDAs in the playoffs and only had one more kill than Origen’s Upset. Luckily for Caps, they eliminated Origen in four games last weekend.

These stats indicate how G2 have played over their past two series. In 2019, G2’s games were quick and brutal. The team was precise, aggressive, and smart with every play they made, especially around the mid game.

This time around, however, G2 haven’t shown that same fire from before. They’re constantly making uncharacteristic mistakes with their positioning, aggression, and teamfighting, which allows their opponents to catch them out and claw back into the game. Their series against Origen, for example, might have looked lopsided, but each match was pretty close.

This weekend, G2 will try to take down MAD Lions after losing to them in the first round of the playoffs. In that five-game series, G2 made so many mistakes—both individually and as a team—and MAD continuously took advantage when they could.

The kings of Europe must return back to their past glory if they want to defend their throne against Fnatic in the 2020 Spring Finals. Caps and Perkz are key parts of that glory. The LEC playoffs continue on Saturday, April 18.