Caps encounters an odd Pyke bug in solo queue

The Bloodharbor Ripper knows no limits.

Photo via Roit Games

One of the most popular supports in League has a bug that may leave players scratching their heads—including G2 Esports AD carry Rasmus “Caps” Winther.

While playing Pyke in a solo-queue match, Caps was pushing towards the enemy inhibitor turret when suddenly the ultimate indicator appeared on the enemy Aphelios. Despite the ability icon showing five seconds left in the cooldown, Caps accidentally used Pyke’s ultimate before it came up, putting the ability back on its nearly three-minute-long cooldown.

The cause of this bug is unknown, but it could have something to do with the specific circumstances. One current speculation is related to the reset mechanic from Pyke’s ultimate, Death from Below. If a champion dies within the X from any source while Pyke is casting his ultimate, it gets reset. 

The ult cooldown is triggered upon activation of the initial cast, and not upon the end of the reset timer. This leads to some very interesting interactions, with some players ulting one person twice in a row. This happened due to the reset timer, which was set to expire a moment before the base cooldown ended. If the reset lasts long enough in a long teamfight, reacting the ability during the reset window can trigger both cooldowns simultaneously.

A good tip to overcome the visual bug with Pyke’s R is to use the ultimate without hesitation if the indicator shows on screen, even if you see that it is in cooldown—the ability will go off.

Pyke was heavily featured in North America’s LCS and Europe’s LEC in the past before multiple nerfs, which forced him out of the meta. He is currently played sometimes as a mid laner to roam and snowball side lanes mostly in pro play.

Either way, it’s about time Riot fixes this bug, which has been in the game since Pyke’s release.