Broxah weighs in on everlasting Flash on “F-vs-D” debate

Broxah is looking out for his audience.

Photo via Riot Games

League of Legends has come a long way since its release in 2009, both in terms of graphics and accessibility. But fans of the game are still divided when it comes to the best keybind for Flash: F or D?

Team Liquid’s Broxah, who uses Flash on D, recently discussed the decade-old question on his stream and calculated how likely he was to win a ranked match by analyzing everyone’s hotkeys.

Broxah compared the Flash debate to the pineapple on pizza and the mint chocolate ice cream arguments before he gave a life lesson to his viewers. “All of you that have Flash on F are noobs and you need to change it if you want to get anywhere in esports,” he said.

Broxah also predicted that his bot lane duo of Jhin and Yuumi would win their lane because Jhin had Flash on D and the enemy ADC had it on F. The Jhin performed up to Broxah’s expectations and his team won the game, which made Broxah’s argument stronger.

There are obviously advocates on both sides of this debate. Faker, widely regarded as the best player in League history and a Flash on F enthusiast, also chimed in on the discussion last month. He compared Flash on D players to people who like mint ice cream and said no one could be blamed for having bad taste.

This wasn’t the first time Faker talked about the great debate, though. He addressed the topic at last year’s Mid-Season Invitational. T1’s superstar once again said that having Flash on D was just wrong and only Silver players have the Summoner Spell on that hotkey instead of F.

Though the default keybind for Flash is F and it seems to be favored in most regions, including the Korean and Europe West servers, there are noticeable trends in some areas of the world. It looks like Flash on D is especially popular in the higher ranks of NA and the majority of the Turkish servers. 

Both Faker and Broxah are from strong regions that clearly lean toward one of the options. Since they each think the other player is a “noob” due to their preference, perhaps they should do a one-vs-one duel in which the loser changes his Flash keybind forever to put this age-old discussion to rest.