Bo benched from FPX’s main roster after revealing that he was ‘coerced into match-fixing’ during his time in the LDL

Tian will return as the team's starting jungler.

Image via FunPlus Phoenix

Jungler Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo has been suspended from competing for FunPlus Phoenix’s League of Legends team after he told the organization that he was “coerced into match-fixing while in the LDL,” according to a translation of the official FPX Weibo post by iCrystalization.

It’s been a difficult few weeks for FPX in the LPL. The org was forced to make an abrupt roster change in the middle of January after jungler Tian announced that he’d be taking a break to deal with some stress-related health issues. FPX was able to find a quick replacement for him in ex-eStar Young jungler Bo, who had been both scrimming and duo queuing with players on the team for a few weeks before Tian’s announcement. 

The team put up a strong performance with Bo on the roster, going 5-1 in their six most recent games. But it was revealed today that Bo has reported himself to league officials for match-fixing offenses incurred during his time on e-Star Young. He was reportedly coerced into fixing games during his time playing in the LDL, an offense that can result in a permanent suspension from competitive League.

It’s unclear how Bo’s situation will be handled by the LPL since there’s still an investigation to be done. But FPX also revealed that, for the sake of sportsmanlike behavior, it has suspended Bo from playing until further notice from league officials. 

Tian will now be taking back his old spot on the roster after a month-long break. FPX lost 2-0 to Team WE earlier today with Tian, dropping to 7-2 in the 2021 LPL Spring Split. FPX’s next match is against Royal Never Give Up on Feb. 27.

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