Blitzcrank denies reanimated Sion a pentakill

You hate to see it.

Image via Riot Games

In League of Legends, there are a few situations that can ruin a player’s day. Sometimes it’s a horrible losing streak, other times it’s toxic teammates.

But one of the most annoying things to experience is having your pentakill stolen. Let’s be honest, every player knows how this feels. This exact scenario happened to Timothy_Fly, who posted a video on Reddit.

The player describes himself as the One Trick Pony Sion player on Twitter and, looking at the clip, it’s easy to see why. In the span of 15 seconds, he took out four players from the enemy team in their base. Once Timothy_Fly was done, he was left with a mere 104 health, becoming an easy target to finish for the remaining Kayle.

Getting rid of Sion is never easy thanks to his passive, which reanimates him for a couple of seconds after his death, however. After coming back from the dead, the player tried his best to finish Kayle and grab his sweet reward in a form of pentakill.

Unfortunately for Sion, though, an allied Blitzcrank decided to spoil the fun and grabbed Kayle, who was out of the Undead Juggernaut’s range. Before he could close the gap, she was already dead, and the pentakill was gone.

Currently, with 167 games played on Sion in season 12, Timothy_Fly still remains without a pentakill on the champion, according to Though, surely, it’s only a matter of time.

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