Blaber says Licorice is a huge reason why he became a pro League player

And now, the two players are tearing it up in the LCS together.

Photo via Riot Games

Cloud9 have been the talk of the town throughout the 2020 LCS Spring Split after going undefeated through six weeks of play. Team synergy has been extremely important for this roster’s success.

In fact, C9’s jungler Blaber had plenty of high praise for his teammate Licorice in a recent team video.

“Eric’s actually a big reason why I’m actually a pro. He’s one of the people who told me I should go to Scouting Grounds,” Blaber said. “Whenever I asked him why, he’d be like, ‘I don’t tell people to go pro unless I actually think they’re good.'”

Blaber also revealed that Licorice was the first pro to add him back on League of Legends when he was just starting his climb to the Challenger ranks—all the other pros he tried to add declined his friend request. Licorice joked around and said he likes to make Blaber angry by reminding him that he was his first high Elo friend.

The team’s mid laner, Nisqy, chimed in and said that Licorice is a funny guy who usually has a positive mindset. Blaber also said that although Licorice is an easy person to speak to, he’s very private about his own life and his relationships compared to other people.

Licorice said that having alone time is extremely important for him since he’s a bit more introverted than his teammates. Since they’re winning a lot, however, this isn’t causing any issues since the team trusts him so much.

Having a good relationship with your teammates on and off Summoner’s Rift is important for any roster’s success. Being able to connect on a level that isn’t just League helps build camaraderie and trust that can’t be found just through good gameplay. C9 have trust in each other, and because of it, they’ve become one of the best teams NA has seen in a long while.