12 September 2017 - 20:49

Pokémon Go receives new features in unexpected update

Bug fixes and UI improvements feature in this update.
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A sudden update has just hit Pokémon Go, surprising trainers. And while the changes are somewhat minor, they introduce new features and fixes that trainers have been requesting for a while.

According to update 0.75's APK datamining, Niantic has allegedly released one of "the largest bug-fix update to date" for the game, r/TheSilphRoad user u/dronpes reports. Bug fixes have been added for inappropriate gym attack animations, avatar texture glitches, and a bug that prevented images from properly loading: particularly in the Pokédex. Bug fixes have also come to Raids, both with the Raid lobby's GUI render rate, as well preventing Raids' intro zoom from being played twice.

There's also improvements to the game's UI. Trainers can now search for Pokémon by "defender" and "legendary" categories in-game. This lets trainers see which Pokémon are defending gyms and how many legendary Pokémon a trainer owns, respectively. Move names can be searched as well now, according to the datamine. There's also an entry system that showcases Gym Badge bonuses and team bonuses from Gym photo discs or successfully winning Raids.

Lastly, with the Pokémon Go Safari Zone coming up in Europe, event badges have been added into the game for Oct. 7 and Oct. 14. Over the next two months, that event promises to reach France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, the Czech Repubilc, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Update 0.75 is currently being rolled out in Western Europe. Last month, one Pokémon Go update teased the upcoming Gen 3 Pokémon launch, but that was temporarily pulled due to a latency bug in battles and Raids.

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