The best decks in Legends of Runeterra

Time to build as the meta forms.

Image via Riot Games

As the first preview patch for Legends of Runeterra nears its conclusion, the very early meta has settled slightly and a few decks have risen to the top of the non-existent leaderboards. 

If you have access to the game or just want to be prepared for the next preview patch when more players and a few extra features are going to be included, here are a few decks you can aim to build to compete at a fairly high level. 

Disguised Toast’s Fiora/Shen OTK Combo

Fiora x3Brightsteel Protector x3Ki Guardian x3
Shen x3Greenglade Caretaker x3Prismatic Barrier x3

Laurent Protege x3Riposte x3

Shadow Assassin x3Deny x2 

Radiant Guardian x1Single Combat x2

Fleetfeather Tracker x1Twin Disciplines x2 

Brightsteel Formation x1Judgment x2 

Rush x2

Fiora just seems to be one of those cards that can work in numerous different builds, but popular Hearthstone streamer and YouTuber Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang found a pretty good flow that can easily end with a one-turn kill.

This deck specifically is built around her ability to single out which opponent she wants to fight. If you can time your moves just right and protect Fiora, you can easily level her up through taking out your opponent’s weaker units before shielding up and charging ahead. 

Warmother Control

Anivia x3She Who Wanders x3Warmother’s Call x3
Tryndamere x3Avarosan Hearthguard x3The Ruination x3

Avarosan Sentry x3Vengeance x3

Wyrding Stones x3Grasp of the Undying x3

Catalyst of Aeons x3

Avalanche x3

Vile Feast x3

Withering Wall x2

This is a costly deck that is more focused on controlling the field and momentum than going for a straightlaced victory. You will need to practice a lot in order to learn the matchups against other common builds, but once you learn them, it will be hard to lose. 

There are also cheaper alternatives since Warmother’s Call, the flagship card of this deck, is pretty good with several different builds. 

Elite Demacia Build

Garen x3Cithria the Bold x3Reinforcements x3

Swiftwing Lancer x3Succession x3 

Vanguard Cavalry x3Single Combat x3

Vanguard Bannerman x3

Silverwing Vanguard x3

Vanguard Defender x3

Battlesmith x3

Vanguard Sergeant x2

Demacia represent! This is the beatstick deck of the group that focuses on leveling up Garen and making sure you have some beefy units ready to pressure when the time comes. If you are willing to slow the game down and focus on building up your cards, it can be a lot of fun to whack them in a few turns in the endgame. 

Just be sure you know when to strike with Garen and the rest will fall into place. Plus, the deck is pretty cheap to build and can roll with multiple unique builds, which makes it perfect for testing new stuff out. 

These are just some of the dozens of decks already working to shape the new meta. You can essentially build around whoever you want and at least achieve some success, but here are a few simple places to start.