Bengi tests negative for COVID-19, LCK and LCK CL to proceed normally

All games will continue as scheduled.

Photo via Riot Games

After T1 Challenger’s head coach Bengi came in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, T1 announced that all the staff and players would get tested to ensure their health and safety.

Today, the organization gave an update, saying that everyone was tested negative for COVID-19. The team will be able to play their matches in the near future without any issues.

If Bengi would have tested positive, T1’s matches in LCK and LCK CL would have most likely have to be postponed to ensure the safety of all participants. Luckily, players can resume preparing for their upcoming matches without any issues.

T1 will be playing their first match later today at 5am CT against Hanwha Life Esports while the T1 Challengers team will be playing their next match on Monday, June 14 against DRX Challengers. Tune in to see how has T1 evolved during the offseason with no roster changes and if they have what it takes to contend for another LCK title.

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