ARURF returns for testing on League’s PBE

The game mode is scheduled to go live later in the year.

Image via Riot Games

League’s beloved game mode of chaos ARURF is launching on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for another round of testing. The game mode is scheduled to go live later in the year, according to a new post from Riot Games.

Riot failed to provide a specific date for ARURF’s release but it said the game mode will come out at some point later this year after Patch 9.18 goes live. In the meantime, ARURF will remain on the PBE where fans can try out the new changes coming to the game mode.

ARURF will continue to feature the changes included in its most recent round of testing, including the introduction of cannons and super drakes. Two champions will see additional balance changes moving forward, however. Pyke and Sona will have their healing reduced by 20 and 18 percent, respectively. Additionally, Pyke’s damage will be reduced by five percent.

Elder Dragon will begin to spawn eight minutes into a match. The Elder Dragon’s buff, Aspect of the Dragon, will have its duration reduced in both its base and empowered forms since the introduction of the cannons has allowed players to take advantage of the buff for a longer period of time.

The health of turret plates will vary, being increased from a flat 1,000 to 500 to 1,500 health per plate. This means that the first few plates will be easier to take. Additionally, turret plates will reward players 140 more gold per plate to encourage early lane aggression over other map objectives.

Runes will also look a little different when ARURF returns. Transcendence’s bonus cooldown reduction will activate at level 15 instead of level 10. Likewise, the rune’s adaptive force for max CDR will fall from two to 0.5. Lastly, Gathering Storm’s increment interval will increase to six minutes from 4.5 minutes.

The list of alterations coming to ARURF may change in the weeks to come as feedback trickles in from the PBE.