ARURF is now available for testing on the League PBE

Get ready for some rapid fire action.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has finally enabled the popular All Random Ultra-Rapid Fire game mode for testing on League of Legends‘ PBE testing server. The developer didn’t say how long it’ll be available for, however.

Now, some people are wondering why the random version of URF is being released instead of the regular URF mode where players can choose their champions. Riot said that the URF release for the game’s 10th anniversary was an experiment and would most likely be a one-time event.

The rise of URF was actually detrimental to the player base because “it makes people burn out and stop playing League all together,” according to Riot. While the results from this latest experiment haven’t come in yet, Riot still doesn’t want to take a chance with such issues.

Changes were made to try and rectify these problems—like adding bans and putting in a full balance pass on every champion—but even though it did help a bit with the possible burnout situation, Riot doesn’t think that it’s close to fixing everything that was wrong.

If you’re a big URF fan, don’t worry. ARURF is still going to be available soon on the PBE, with a tentative release date set for “early next year.”