Artist shows off amazing Detective Yuumi skin concept

Detective Yuumi is on the job.

Image via Riot Games

There’s no end to the creativity that flows out of the League of Legends community, and artist Anastasia Snyder, founder of Ink Rose, Inc., proved her talent with a new detective-themed look for everyone’s favorite Magical Cat, Yuumi.

As the name may suggest, Detective Yuumi features the Magical Cat in a detective’s outfit. Her fur takes on a tan coloration, and she is dressed in a navy-blue coat and hat with teal accents. A magnifying glass hangs from the back of her fedora, and a watch is wrapped around the fluff of her tail. In place of her magical book, Yuumi floats on a case folder full of notes. Colorful tabs stick out from the side of the folder, and a glossy photo of mysterious footprints is paper-clipped to the open page.

Snyder went through multiple iterations of the design with the help of the League of Legends subreddit, posting occasional updates on the skin’s design process. At first the concept ranged anywhere from Flapper Cat to Street Cat, but all the proposed designs centered around a common 1920s mafia theme. After following the feedback from the League community, Snyder narrowed down the design to Detective Yuumi.

Once the detective theme had been chosen, Snyder posted a new set of designs to then decide on a color palette and outfit. These options included versions of Detective Yuumi with handcuffs attached to her hat or even ones that looped donuts around her tail.

Yuumi has yet to receive a skin outside of her Battle Principal look following her addition to live servers in May, and a detective theme would suit the Magical Cat perfectly. But until Riot Games releases a new skin for the support champion, fans can only hope that her next look will be as sly as this crime-solving sleuth.

Fans of Snyder’s work can follow her projects on YouTube and ArtStation.