Artist creates festive Winter Wonder Amumu skin concept

The season of hot cocoa isn't over yet.

Image via Riot Games

The holiday season may be over, but one concept artist has League of Legends fans looking forward to the gift-giving season once again. Artist Noah Warner created a festive skin for Amumu named Winter Wonder, and it’s one that’s sure to put any League fan in the holiday spirit.

The skin redesigns the Sad Mummy as a cup of hot cocoa with a candy cane and marshmallow bits sticking out of the top of his head. He wears a green and red striped sweater with fluffy green slippers. The look is tied together—literally—by bright and colorful Christmas lights attached to an electrical cord that trails Amumu as he hobbles around the map.

As depicted by Warner’s ability concepts, the Christmas lights are what Amumu would throw out in place of his Bandage Toss (Q). For his Despair (W), the Sad Mummy cries out tears of cocoa and emits candycane-colored effects for his Tantrum (E). His ultimate ability illuminates the map with a brightly lit wreath, which is surrounded by golden holiday-themed decorations.

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Warner included a collection of images showing off the design process. From an elf-like creature to a Rudolph-inspired look, the concept artist cycled through a variety of designs before landing on the jungler’s Cuphead-like skin. Each possibility comes with its own flair while capturing Amumu’s personality perfectly.

Fans of Warner’s art can check out more of the artist’s work on ArtStation.