Aphelios buffed, Yorick nerfed in full League Patch 11.8 preview

All five of Aphelios' weapons are set to receive buffs in Patch 11.8.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has revealed the full extent of the changes coming in the Patch 11.8 preview. 

Nineteen different champions will be receiving adjustments in Patch 11.8, with many nerfs going out to champions that have been prevalent in the meta throughout 2021. Gnar, Orianna, and Thresh will see their utility capabilities reduced significantly in the upcoming patch. 

But no champion is being hit with more significant nerfs in Patch 11.8 than Yorick. After seeing plenty of buffs last patch, the champion is set to have his throughput dialed back extensively in the near future. The damage of his Mist Walkers’ first attack is being reduced from 200 percent to 100 percent, while their total damage is seeing a reduction from 30 percent of Yorick’s total attack damage to 25 percent. 

But these nerfs are being offset with an adjustment to Yorick’s ultimate, Eulogy of the Isles (R). Moving forward, Yorick won’t have to worry about taking tower aggro when the Maiden of the Mist attacks an enemy champion under one of their turrets. In Patch 11.8, the Maiden will take aggro from towers instead of Yorick, essentially giving the champion a more open window to dive turrets. 

As far as buffs go, Aphelios is set to see individual buffs to all five of his weapons, with Infernum getting a respectable five-percent buff to its splash damage. Additionally, LeBlanc and Lee Sin, who have only been played on a situational basis during the 2021 professional season, are seeing minor buffs in Patch 11.8.

Zac players can also rejoice since the champion is receiving buffs for the first time since September 2019. The damage from Unstable Matter (W) is set to be increased based on Zac’s maximum HP. 

League Patch 11.8 is scheduled to hit the live servers on April 14, according to the official patch schedule.

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