AP Zeri instantly deletes 4 players in League of Legends solo queue

They were gone in a blink of an eye.

Image via Riot Games

Zeri made her debut on the League of Legends live servers just last week. But while some players have welcomed her to the game in open arms, others have demanded nerfs.

There have already been numerous clips showcasing how broken the Spark of Zaun can be in certain situations. One of them was provided by Cloud9’s Zven, who almost single-handily eliminated a team in solo queue just the other day.

It turns out Zeri, despite Riot designing the champion as an AD carry, can also build ability power. Thanks to a clip shared by alexveliki on Reddit, we can see Zeri’s potential when players ditch AD and focus on AP.

The clip takes place on Summoner’s Rift around the 36-minute mark. Four champions eliminated the enemy Rammus and decided it was time to push the middle lane. This made sense since only Zeri was left alive.

But that’s when Zeri appeared out of nowhere, due to her Spark Surge (E). Once she found herself in the middle of the four players, she activated her ultimate (Lighting Crash) and instantly deleted Corki, Diana, and Jhin. After an additional attack, Zyra was sent straight to the fountain as well.

All the abilities listed above took advantage of magic damage to certain degrees. But due to Zeri’s unique kit, which resolves around stacking attack speed, attack damage, and movement speed, players rarely choose this build path.

Players have been complaining about Zeri since she released with Patch 12.2, leading to the devs preparing to nerf her in the forthcoming update. The details about the nerfs, however, currently remain to be seen.

Still, despite the champion conquering social media with countless clips of bizarre outplays, Zeri currently boasts the lowest win ratio (45.88 percent) out of all marksmen in Platinum and above, according to u.gg.

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