Anivia player puts together a massive minion army to storm the enemy’s base in ARURF

The Anivia player found a creative way to use the champ's walls.

Image via Riot Games

All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (ARURF) has returned to League of Legends for a limited time and players are finding more creative ways to use the gameplay changes in the mode.

A Reddit user recently shared a video showcasing a surprising use of Anivia’s wall in ARURF. After their team earned the Baron buff, the Anivia player had the idea to begin assembling a large minion army to attack the enemy base.

Their method was to put walls covering the entire length of the top lane so that the minions couldn’t get through and were stuck behind Anivia’s walls. After waiting for several waves to spawn, the player had gathered over 40 minions in the lane. They also summoned the Rift Herald to melt down any turret in their path. No enemy player even tried to shut down this push before the army began marching into the enemy’s base.

Anivia and her minion army reached the enemy’s base after the Rift Herald took down two turrets with one blow each. The enemies were simply overwhelemed by the huge wave of Baron-buffed minions spearheaded by the Herald. Even if they picked up some kills, they weren’t going to be able to easily clear the flooding waves of minions.

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With the help of her teammates, Anivia’s squad aced the enemy team with her infinite ultimate and Q-E combos. Anivia’s team won the game at the 17-minute mark, even without having a large lead, primarily thanks to the player’s creative minion strategy.

The ARURF mode has returned to League for a limited time to celebrate the Lunar New Year event. Players can enjoy the mayhem of this mode for a few weeks before it’s removed from the playlist again.

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