Amumu added to nerf list in League’s Patch 10.24 preview following Bami’s Cinder hotfix

The mummy will have even more of a reason to cry.

Image via Riot Games

If yesterday’s Bami’s Cinder tweaks weren’t enough, the tentative Patch 10.24 Amumu nerfs should be.

League of Legends gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter detailed the precise Patch 10.24 changes today, placing an overpowered Amumu on the naughty list. Kayle, Samira, and Hecarim were already targeted for nerfs since they’re overperforming after the item system overhaul. And now, Scruffy outlined exactly how their kits will be affected next week.

The Sad Mummy’s Despair (W) is taking a hit, having its base damage dropped from five to 15 to four to 12. It’s AP ratio is also being adjusted. Instead of a flat 0.5 AP ratio, it’ll now function as a 0.25 percent of max health for every 100 AP. With many Amumu players building burn item Demonic Embrace, this should curb the jungler’s damage considerably.

Since Bami’s Cinder, and all the items that build into it, is having its burn damage to champs, minions, and monsters nerfed, Amumu should be more balanced after next week’s patch.

Image via Riot Games

As suspected, Kayle’s passive attack speed will be reduced from 10 percent per 100 AP to five percent. Samira’s passive melee bonus is being hit, as well as her dash range for immobilized targets. And Hecarim’s passive AD bonus from movement speed will decrease, as well as the movement speed granted from Devastating Charge (E). This should impact the damage he deals, making him less of a threat for opposing carries.

Tryndamere’s getting a much-needed buff, increasing the passive AD on his Q from five to 25 to 10 to 30. And Q’s AD for missing health ratio is also increasing at max level. Galio will have his passive properly scale with ability haste now, too.

The Patch 10.24 balance adjustments are tentative and liable to change before going live.

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