Akali’s ability is bugged in Teamfight Tactics, but a fix is coming

Her Five Point Strike shouldn’t miss.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ developer August Browning has confirmed that Akali is bugged in Teamfight Tactics.

He was livestreaming a TFT match when another player asked him in the game’s text chat how Akali’s ability works. He said that it’s bugged and “it’s supposed to always hit and can crit.” In the current game version, she may miss her ability.

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Browning said he fixed that issue in the 9.14 patch, which should be coming next week to the main client and soon hitting the League of Legends Public Beta Environment. He believes Akali will then be “insane.”

Akali’s ability in TFT is Five Point Strike. She throws shurikens in front of her to deal flat damage, but it should also be subject to an increase through critical damage. Because she’s a Ninja and Assassin, she can unlock additional crit damage when the Assassin class bonus is active to deal more damage with her ability.

Akali is a tier four champion in TFT, which means by the time players find her, they might already have other Ninjas and Assassins to activate her bonuses.

Players should expect other balance changes and several bug fixes to come to TFT soon. The game is still in open beta and lots of issues are expected to happen, and Riot will likely only release hotfixes when they’re critical problems. In cases like Akali’s, players have to wait until the next update is out.

If Riot follows its usual update schedule, the 9.14 League patch should be released on the week of July 8 with this Akali fix. Browning also said the TFT team is working on a fix for the item RNG in the game, but he has yet to confirm when this change will make it into a patch.