Akali has a 99.4 percent pick-ban rate after 3 weeks of pro play

Teams still don't want to see the Rogue Assassin on the Rift.

Image via Riot Games

Three weeks of competitive League of Legends have already come and gone. The one thing that’s stayed the same, though, is pro players’ hate for Akali, who now sits at a global pick and ban rate of 99.4 percent among all leagues.

The Rogue Assassin has been picked nine times across the world while having been banned 167 times. The TCL was the only league where she was neither picked or banned. She was also picked twice in the Turkish league but lost both matchups.

Akali has always been a contested pick for pro teams due to her unmatched playmaking abilities. Her shroud and various mobility spells made her extremely slippery, but she also has a ton of damage built into her kit. As a result, she’s been constantly banned in both the LEC and LCS and has only seen stage play nine times.

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She did receive some huge nerfs to her kit in the last patch, though. Patch 10.3 gutted her mobility by making her ultimate target onto champions only and not onto a direction. Her Q also had its energy cost increased by a significant amount, which lowered her laning phase strength, as well as her late game effectiveness.

Now, Akali has the lowest win rate of any mid lane champion, sitting at a measly 39.73 percent. Teams should be playing on Patch 10.3 soon, so we could see her stage presence lower as the weeks go by.