Ahri’s kit set to receive major overhaul, Miss Fortune and Twitch to be buffed in League Patch 10.18

The patch will go live on Sept. 2.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is targeting almost every role in the upcoming Patch 10.18 for League of Legends. But one particular nine-tailed fox in the mid lane will be given an overhaul, according to Riot gameplay designer Mark Yetter. 

Mid laner Ahri is set to receive a major overhaul to her kit. The bad news is that her base HP regeneration has been nerfed from 6.5 to 5.5. But her passive, Vastayan Grace, which grants movement speed after landing two ability hits in a short period of time, has been removed. 

Instead, her new passive, Essence Theft, is being taken from her Q, Orb of Deception. Initially, this looks like a huge nerf to Ahri’s movement and kiting. But there’s more. Her W, Fox-Fire, will grant 40-percent movement speed and deal extra damage to minions at low health. The cooldown on the ability has been reduced while the mana cost has slightly increased. 

The bot lane, on the other hand, has seen a large shift in the meta recently, with Caitlyn dominating the Rift following crucial buffs. While Caitlyn isn’t set to receive changes in the next update, her bot lane counterparts have been hit time and time again with nerfs to Aphelios, Ezreal, Varus, and more. 

Miss Fortune was one ADC that was nerfed previously, but she might be making a comeback. Her attack speed per level is set to increase from 2.25 to three percent while her Strut max movement speed has been slightly increased. 

Riot is also looking to buff the underplayed ADC Twitch. The late-game plague rat has seen a low 2.23 percent play rate in Platinum and higher, according to Champion.gg. Twitch’s E, Contaminate, is set to receive AP ratio buffs while his R, Spray and Pray, will have its falloff damage increased. 

Xin Zhao, Rumble, Jarvan VI, and Kayle are also set to receive buffs in Patch 10.18, which is scheduled to be released on Sept. 2. 

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