Afreeca Freecs reverse sweep Team Dynamics to lock in first place in LCK

AFS took the series 2-1.

Photo via Riot Games

Afreeca Freecs have kicked off their first League Champions Korea Summer Split with two series wins and lock in the first place in the standings.

ADC Jin “Mystic” Seong-jun served as the central point of AFS’s win over Team Dynamics, playing Aphelios in the second and third games.

The first game began with a dominant win by Team Dynamics. Their early game Dragon Control came into fruition once the Elder Dragon spawned. Even though they were even in gold, with the Elder Dragon they became unstoppable coupled with the Dragon Soul, rolling over AFS with no issues.

The second game began with a more bot-centric focused gameplay AFS. AFS funneled all resources into Mystic and the early Dragons. Even though an early game fluke cost AFS first blood, it was not enough to set them too far behind.

Their play style was rewarded, especially considering that Kim “Kiin” Gi-in has dominated the top lane with the Mordekaiser pick. In teamfights his ultimates were crucial to zone out the carries of Team Dynamics.

The game culminated with a fight around the Elder Dragon from which AFS came victorious and ended the game.

The third game began with an early advantage in favor of Team Dynamics. They were looking on point with their indvidual plays and team calls, but a fight around the Dragon set them far behind.

AFS were able to capitalize on the rookies mistakes and exploit it as much as possible to come back into the game and achieve a significant gold lead, increasing their chances of a victory.

Thirty-five minutes and an Elder Dragon later, AFS were able to easily finish the game. While they did not look as dominant as in their previous series, AFS took the series with the final game win.

AFS will be facing two other top-tier teams in DRX and T1 next week. While T1 has looked quite weak in the first games, DRX have been on fire, dominating both T1 and GenG. If AFS take down DRX, then they can easily take down T1 as well. Tune in to the official Riot Games LCK channel to see AFS face the titans of LCK next week.