A very passionate Jhin player answered AMA questions with just Jhin quotes

Passionate, obsessed, what's the difference, really?

Image via Riot Games

Reddit, as a social media platform, is home to the AMA, or the Ask Me Anything. It’s a relatively common type of practice where a noteworthy person in their respective community will offer to answer people’s questions. They happen often in the League of Legends Reddit community, too, and there was one yesterday that was different from your usual AMA.

Instead of the subject being a famous player or other personality in the scene, it was just a random player. More specifically, it was a Jhin main, and they offered to answer all questions in the AMA with Jhin quotes. We learned two things from reading through the comments. First, there are way more Jhin quotes than we realized there were, and second, this was a stroke of pure genius. It was nothing short of unadulterated entertainment.

We won’t spoil it with too many specifics, because you’ll need to read through the AMA yourself to get a feel for how special it was, but we will reveal some of our favorites. This Jhin player seemed to have the perfect quote for everything, from witty replies to sick burns. Here are some of them.

Question: What’s your take on AP Jhin?

Answer: “They call me mad, all artists are mad.”

Q: How do you feel about your rank?

A: “It hurts so good.”

Q: What comes after three?

A: You lack imagination.

Q: Will Jhin ever be Victorious?

A: “My genius will be understood… eventually.”

Those are just a few of the snappy responses the poster gave, and we left some of the best ones out on purpose so you could read through them yourself. We could all stand to take a page out of Jhin’s book, though, especially when we’re all getting one-shotted by Neeko’s ultimate. Always remember: “Art is worth the pain.”