Top Five League of Legends Content Creators

This list is by no means exhaustive and honestly, I thought pretty hard about some of them.

This list is by no means exhaustive and honestly, I thought pretty hard about some of them. There are so many phenomenal contributors to the League of Legends community that it’s impossible to make a perfect Top Five list, so I’m just doing the best that I can.

Number Five


I’ll be honest, I don’t know a lot about the person behind the NightSlut3 production, but I do know the quality of content he produces. Every week (or multiple times a week) or tournament, Nightslut3 creates a generally hilarious video of all the funny moments that happened during the LCS. This can be anything from a voice chat, a funny blooper or a technical difficulty, but either way, when the collaboration of moments come together, you’re in for a laugh. On top of the funny moments from LCS, Nightslut will often create funny videos from when players are streaming, notably the “When Pros try to learn X videos” which is generally a highlight real of fails after a new champion comes out.  I actually think Nightslut3 is a bit underrated but he always has funny content.

Link to Nightslut’s Channel:

Number Four:


Now, Falconshield doesn’t release the most amount of videos, but the content they create is absolutely fantastic. Usually, the band releases a video every few weeks, but the quality of the video is wonderful. The most notable and largest viewed videos by far are the “This is War” series, a series of mixed rap, rock, and even some metal to create songs from the point of view of League of Legends champions. Something to note for the “This is War” series is that it’s not just the band; it’s a collaboration of many amazing League of Legends songwriters such as Badministrator, Lilypichu, Nicki Taylor, StephanosRex, AntiRivet and more but they ended up getting posted on the Falconshield Youtube channel, so I figured I’d just put it all under Falconshield. Either way, if you haven’t had the chance to check out this amazing channel, do so now, your ears will thank you.

Link to Falconshield’s Youtube:

Notable Links: This is War

Number Three:

Esex Express

Esports Express, shortened to Esex, is one of the funniest content creators that I know of. A satirical website reminiscent of The Onion for eSports, Esex releases top of the line articles that are hilarious to read. While not much is known about the writers themselves, the articles speak for themselves. Some of the most notable articles have been ‘Doublelift Gmail Hacked”, “CLG to Scrim against their own Inner Demons”, and “/r/leagueoflegends Unleashes Massive Protest against Riot Games.” Honestly, their website speaks for themselves, if you like laughing, and you like eSports (CS:GO, Dota 2, or LoL) then head on over and check out some of their content. It’s fantastic and I really can’t praise them enough.

Number Two:


Montecristo is a LCK caster and former coach of CLG. He and Thooorin create Summoning Insight while Montecristo goes more in depth of actual game analysis. You know he puts out good content when he has his very own thread in /r/loleventvods just to watch Montecristo’s analysis and review. On top of this consistent analysis he puts out, he also has The Countdown of Montecristo, a series that shows off all of the top games that were played throughout the week, with a bit of a breakdown for one in the series to really highlight what you should watch and the games that you could take a break from watching. Either way, I think Monte is a vital part of the community and someone who is very helpful towards the eSports scene.

Link to Montecristo’s VoD:

Number One:

Duncan “Thooorin” Shield

This was a tough choice in the top three for me. Almost everyone in the League of Legends subreddit has heard of Thooorin at one point at another, whether it’s for positive or negative. While generally having a rather rocky relationship with the community, I think he has really redeemed himself in the eyes of most players. Not afraid to speak his mind, he consistently delivers some of the highest quality content that I see on League of Legends (and Counter Strike as well, but that’s a different discussion) while also providing analysis, interviews, Summoning Insight and Thooorin’s Thoughts. Another notable series that he releases are his “Grilled” interviews, often over an hour-long, that go extremely in-depth with various players or eSports figures.  Summoning Insight is a weekly show that he does with Montecristo to discuss games that happened, things going on in the scenes, drama with the pros, or other roster changes and various changeups that may be happening in the industry. He also has various articles that are incredibly well-written and often provide very accurate analysis or insight on various different topics. If you are really interested in eSports history, various players, Poland, or the history of an eSport, than Thooorin is your man and I can’t recommend him enough.

Thooorin’s Youtube Channel:

Honorable Mentions:

The League community is big. We have a lot of content creators. Honestly, any of these people could have been the number five in this list, so I want to give a shout. Blakinola, Badministrator, StephanosRex, Videogamedunkey, Sky Williams, and many, many more have all been fantastic so thank you for your contributions!

– TheRiverSaint