5 biggest changes coming to Summoner’s Rift in LoL’s 2024 season

There's plenty in store for the new year.

League champions including Katarina, Ekko, Tristana, and Malphite jumping into combat.
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In 2024, Riot Games is changing how League of Legends is played. The developers are making sweeping tweaks to Summoner’s Rift that will change how players approach each game and their decisions during key moments.

This year, the Void is making a vengeful return by creating new, stronger neutral monsters to destroy, along with terrain changes to every lane in the game. This, in turn, will force players to rethink their strategies as they load up with a whole new set of items, including a readjusted support system that should help add more satisfaction for a role that has desperately needed it.

Here are the five biggest changes coming to Summoner’s Rift in 2024.

Biggest Summoner’s Rift changes in 2024 LoL season

Baron Nashor is getting three new forms

Over the last few years, Baron Nashor has remained a stalwart adversary on Summoner’s Rift, boasting the same type of abilities and power for many seasons. But in 2024, everyone’s favorite purple worm will be getting a much-needed facelift, including three new forms each coming with its own unique powers.

Territorial Baron, Hunting Baron, and All-Seeing Baron will also have special abilities that will change the way players throw themselves at the monster, especially with each form bringing its own special pit terrain to the equation.

… and three new Baron pits, too

Along with his new power, Baron will also bring three different pit terrains for players to traverse as they fight. Besides Hunting Baron, which leaves the pit looking the same, both Territorial Baron and All-Seeing Baron will bring new obstacles and pathways to the pit that should shift how skirmishes play out during the mid-to-late game.

The Void is taking over the Rift

In this new Void-infested map, new monsters have found a home within Summoner’s Rift. Voidgrubs and Voidmites, for example, will be taking the place of the first Rift Herald of the game. At the five-minute mark, these Voidgrubs will spawn in the Baron pit and unleash Voidmites to swarm enemy champions.

If you successfully defeat these creatures, users will gain the new Hunger of the Void buff that gives bonus damage to structures. This effect also stacks depending on how many Voidgrubs the player took down, and if one slays five to six grubs, they will periodically spawn their own Voidmites to help push a wave and take down a structure.

Take a ride on Rift Herald

Even though there are new Void creatures stepping on the Rift, don’t forget Shelly. Rift Herald is also getting a special new interaction, which occurs after players have slain her and have activated her Eye of the Herald. As Rift Herald appears once more, players now have the ability to right-click to jump onto its back, steer it, and command it to charge forward to knock up enemy champions.

If players charge Shelly into an enemy turret, she will do even more damage than if she wasn’t being controlled, making her an even better ally when knocking down objectives on the map. Once she collides with the terrain, the player riding on board will be knocked off and will return to their normal selves.

New year, new terrain

Across the entire Rift, Riot is making changes to the overall landscape of the map. In both the bottom and top lanes, for example, the terrain will be mirrored on both sides so there isn’t a heavy side-based advantage in terms of jungle pathing to either lane.

There is, however, a new pixel brush that sits at both river entrances that could be used for surprise ganks. In the mid lane, the two side brushes are being pushed back to give less mobile champions more safety as they farm.

All of these changes can be tested on the League PBE on Nov. 20.


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