10-ban system reportedly implemented for Singapore’s League of Legends circuit

Earlier in the year, Riot Games expressed interest in exploring this pick and ban format.

Image via Riot Games

There are a lot of champions in League of Legends—more than 100 of them, in fact. That makes developer Riot Games’ three-per-side (so six bans in total) banning system sort of outdated. It looks like that could soon change.

Singapore’s League of Legends circuit, managed by publisher Garena, has reportedly released a new pick-and-ban format for 2017. Team Vestigial co-owner Nelson Sng posted an image depicting the tentative 10-ban system for the country’s drafting process.

This will be the tentative drafting process for the Singaporean LoL circuit. Does any other region have this as well for 2017?


The new drafting phase will break the process into separate sections, with each team banning one champion at a time until six champions have been banned, picking three champions (1–2–2–1), banning two champions (1–1–1–1), and, finally, picking the last two champions.

This format won’t come as a surprise to League of Legends players. Earlier this year, Riot expressed interest in looking into a 10-ban system for the new League of Legends client. At that time, a spokesperson for Riot suggested that many different variations were being considered—from bans “all up front,” “bans mixed in with picks,” “bans selected before even getting into a game,” and “everyone [banning] at the same time.”

It’s unclear at this time whether this format, should it be the final one, will span global circuits.

H/T PVP Live