Griffin's match winstreak continues after win over SK Telecom T1

Note to LCK teams—don't give Shen to Lehends.

Malcolm Abbas  -  an hour ago

Fnatic star Rekkles benched for week two of the EU LCS

The team cited "strategic decisions" behind the move.
Adam Newell - 3 hours ago - LoL

Unraveling the mystery of Cloud9's League of Legends team

Three benched starters. A lack of competitiveness all around. What happened to C9?
Xing Li - 10 hours ago - LoL

Is this the end of the SK Telecom T1 dynasty?

How the growth and democratization of League's player base have left SKT behind.
Xing Li - 11 hours ago - LoL

Clutch Gaming upset about "subjective" ruling in their game against Echo Fox

Sebastian Park talked about the league's decision following a server crash.
Brian Chang - 11 hours ago - LoL

Mid lane champions are feeling the love on League of Legends' PBE

Kassadin and Orianna will be much stronger if these changes stick.
Brian Chang - 17 hours ago - LoL

LoL stat tracker OP.GG is now available on Overwolf

The statistics website that lets players improve their builds and in-game knowledge now has an Overwolf app.
James Mattone - 18 hours ago - LoL

What role should luck play in professional League of Legends?

Recent changes to the game have made it more unpredictable at all levels.
Xing Li - 20 hours ago - LoL

SK Telecom T1's desperate search for the perfect roster combination

You know SKT are in dire straits when Faker is subbed out.
Malcolm Abbas - 21 hours ago - LoL