How League of Legends and Clutch Gaming brought together this father-son podcast duo

League Leaders is no ordinary esports podcast.

Xing Li  -  2 days ago

Can Royal and EDG keep up with Invictus and Rogue Warriors in the LPL semifinals?

RNG and EDG have been the region's best in recent years, but IG and RW are the favorites this weekend.
Xing Li - 3 days ago - LoL

Riot teases upcoming "darker" support champion and outlines plans for more big updates

Nunu, Akali, and Aatrox are about the receive the Swain treatment.
Aaron Mickunas - 3 days ago - LoL

Riot wants to empower AD Kennen in future patches

The little lightning mouse is going full-on marksman.
Aaron Mickunas - 3 days ago - LoL

League is getting a new announcer pack voiced by Phreak and Kobe

"30 seconds until minions spawn! But what even is spawning? Do they even have names? Personalities?"
Aaron Mickunas - 3 days ago - LoL

Report: Golden Guardians to replace Hai with Mickey

After finishing at the bottom of the NA LCS, the Golden Guardians have a lot of changes to make.
Xing Li - 4 days ago - LoL

Mana and mana regen are about to be overhauled in League

These dramatic changes should be enough to balance the new mage items and Doran's Ring.
Aaron Mickunas - 4 days ago - LoL

There are tons of Ryze changes on the PBE, but don't worry, it isn't a rework this time

Okay, it might be another rework, but just a little one.
Aaron Mickunas - 4 days ago - LoL

Evelynn is joining the Blood Moon family in League

This is her first skin since 2014.
Aaron Mickunas - 4 days ago - LoL