Jul 27 2014 - 9:43 pm

Hai's Yasuo puts Cloud9 1 game away from first place

Cloud9 is now just one game away from first place in the League Championship Series, after dominating top ranked team LMQ in a perfect game where Cloud9 scored 12 kills and gave up zero deaths
Samuel Lingle
Dot Esports

Cloud9 is now just one game away from first place in the League Championship Series, after dominating top ranked team LMQ in a perfect game where Cloud9 scored 12 kills and gave up zero deaths.

It was an impressive result for the defending champions Cloud9, especially against a team used to running up huge kill tallies like LMQ. It's the kind of performance that signals Cloud9 is ready to once again seize the crown of the best League of Legends team in America.

LMQ took their poke composition to the absolute extreme, putting Jayce in the top lane, Xerath in middle, and Ezreal in bottom, with a jungle Elise to catch out targets with her cocoon. But Cloud9 was ready for it.

“If you have a siege comp and you lose laning phase, what do you do?” said Cloud9 captain Hai Lam, after the match. Cloud9 was able to stay safe against the traditionally strong laning of LMQ thanks to controlling vision and smarter decision making.

“We were winning lane through our pressure and the times we backed,” said Lam. “It didn’t seem like we were stronger. We just had map control.”

Cloud9 benefit from one strongest engage assassins in the game. As the team's shot caller, that kind of champions fits Lam perfectly. He put up a 5/0/6 KDA with a pair of double kills on the samurai, no better exemplified than the first three kills of the game.

At the 16-minute mark, LMQ needed to make something happen. They grouped at the middle to try and siege a tower, but Cloud9 was ready. Lam engaged with a nice Yasuo whirlwind into his ultimate, and the rest was history.

Cloud9 would show off their penchant for late game play as they closed out the match. When LMQ postured to take a dragon, Cloud9 simply took a bigger prize, grabbing Baron and putting the match out of reach for the Chinese team.

The match pulls Cloud9 just one win away from first place in the standings with a 15-9 record, just behind the 16-8 LMQ. It’s been a disappointing season for the defending champions, who have lost more matches this split than their last two combined.

But the team is now on a four-game win streak heading into the last week of the season. If their recent play is any indication, they’ll be earning a first round bye at the regional playoffs at PAX Prime later this year, and eventually, a spot at the World Championships in Korea.

Screengrab via Riot Games/YouTube

Jan 20 2017 - 9:02 pm

The Blood Moon hangs in the sky—and Blood Moon Jhin could be League’s next skin

In an eerie tweet, Riot hints at the next champion in the Blood Moon skin line.
Aaron Mickunas
League of Legends Writer
Images via Riot Games | Remix by William Copus

The latest skin in the League of Legends Blood Moon skin series, Blood Moon Jhin, could be in the works.

Earlier today Riot tweeted out a teaser, in which the crimson moon can be seen through an archway of sorts with Jhin’s gun suspended in the air, making it almost certain that he’s the next champion to receive a Blood Moon skin. The red haze covering the scene really adds to the creepy factor.

The Blood Moon skins have been pretty awesome—even the early iterations of the series like Akali’s Blood Moon skin. The Blood Moon skins are all colored red in some way, and feature demon masks based on “The Red Demon”—a version of Japanese “oni” which is a spirit that brings strife, disease, disasters, and deceit. In addition to Akali, there have been five more skins in the series: Thresh, Yasuo, Kennen, Kalista, and Shen. Jhin’s will hopefully be no exception to that pattern of awesomeness.

If the skin turned out to be a dud the community wouldn’t take it too kindly. Why? Well, two reasons. First of all, the community has been asking for another Jhin skin since his launch in January last year. He has only had the skin he was launched with, High Noon Jhin, since he actually came out. It is a pretty cool skin, but fans want more. If they finally see Jhin get his new skin and it sucks? Well, I’m sure you can imagine how that would go down.

With ADC mains sending death threats to Riot staff over not enjoying ADC gameplay, imagine what they’d do if their favorite champion received a bad skin. And that brings us to the second point. Jhin is one of the favorite ADCs in the game right now.

Jhin sports almost an 18 percent rate of play, which means he is in nearly one-fifth of all ranked games. In the ADC role, there are only three other ADCs that compete with that play rate out of nearly 20 ADC champions: Vayne, Caitlyn, and Ezreal. I know you were expecting me to say “Ziggs,” but Ziggs isn’t played all that much in the bot lane (yet).

Fortunately, Riot’s skins have been very cool lately. Just look at the Worldbreaker skins, and even the new Lunar Revel set. With the track record of those awesome skins and the previous Blood Moon skins, we’re hoping Blood Moon Jhin will be as badass as it deserves to be.

Jan 20 2017 - 1:25 am

Get your Red Envelopes ready—the Lunar Revel event in League starts today

Riot is kicking off the 2017 Lunar Revel with some slick new skins.
Aaron Mickunas
League of Legends Writer
Image via Riot Games

The Lunar New Year is a sacred, historic holiday that is celebrated by nations in the far east. It marks the beginning of the year based on the cycles of the moon. There’s dancing, festivals, parades, but much more importantly: A special League of Legends event. Why is that so important? Because you can get sweet new skins, of course!

The Lunar Revel Event is a yearly occurrence in League that features shiny new goodies to buy in-game. The event was announced and started today, so after you update the client, you’ll be able to take part in the festivities.

1) Free Icon

That’s right, for the small cost of going to the official Lunar Revel web page, you can claim a free Summoner Icon! The interactive home page acts as the hub for the Lunar Revel event, and you can click through the menu to see all the features. There’s even some lore tying each of this year’s Lunar Revel skins to their respective champions.

2) Champion Skins

There are three skins coming out for the Lunar Revel event this year: Garen, Azir, and Vi. Each has a matching Summoner Icon available in the store.

Garen’s sword and rad man-bun make this skin what it is: Awesome. When he spins to win, a green dragon swirls around him. When he ults, the giant sword that falls from the heavens... well, it’s green.

Azir seems to be more of a themed skin specific to this year, as it’s the Year of the Rooster—and Azir is as rooster-like as any League champion gets. His soldiers are also made to match his skin, sporting golden armor.

Vi’s theme is “the green demon” and when she ults, a big green dragon swirls up into the air and slams back into the ground as she does. This one’s our favorite, but mostly because it’s the only time we’re ever going to see Vi in a ponytail.

Not only are those three new skins available now, but past Lunar Revel skins and bundles are in the shop as well.

3) Crafting

A brand new Lunar Revel crafting system will also be in the client until the end of the event. It uses the same crafting page as usual, where you open chests with keys you earn from playing games and combine shards to form skins and champions. You can buy a Revel Red Envelope for 250 RP and visit the crafting page in your client to turn it into a skin shard and one random relic.

The relics come in three types: the Pauldron Relic, the Golden Relic, and the Gauntlet Relic. Once you have all three, you can combine them into Epic Skin Shards (1350 RP skins), random skin permanents, Gemstones, or Hextech Chests and Keys.

4) Merch

Finally, you can visit the Lunar Revel merch store to check out some IRL event goodies. Want a shirt featuring each Chinese Zodiac with League champions instead of the usual animals? Well it’s in the merch store, as well as a collectible figurine of Lunar Revel Azir.

The event is running from now until Feb. 2, so be sure to log into the game and check it out!