This Glamrock Freddy cosplay is as impressive as it is terrifying

Yes, it is amazing. Now please back away.

Screengrab via ScottGames

The best cosplays are often impressive, and even awe-inspiring. The time, effort, and ingenuity that goes into making cosplays is immediately evident, and it’s no wonder that cosplayers make for such popular photo opportunities at various conferences around the world.

And sometimes, those same cosplays are a little scary. Even terrifying.

Technically, Glamrock Freddy Fazbear is a friendly character, one that helps the player throughout Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. That doesn’t gloss over his murder-y reputation from other installments of the series, or the fact that Glamrock Freddy can become hostile in his own game if the player makes a couple mistakes.

For those that have never played Five Nights at Freddy’s, the games often feature players in Freddy Fazbear’s pizza chain, where animatronic animals perform during the daytime, and kill any human they run into at night. Players have to survive their time in Freddy’s by completing point-and-click puzzles. Failure to fend off the animatronics results in jump-scare animations, where the animatronics burst into the screen. Security Breach flips the script on the formula somewhat, as the player must navigate a “Mega Pizzaplex” while often riding around inside Glamrock Freddy, constantly upgrading him throughout the game.

The neon games and wacky-patterned carpeting makes an arcade the best place for this cosplay, and really, he should be a sign of comfort for all that run into him. It’s still creepy.

Enthusiasts of the game will probably love seeing a giant Glamrock Freddy walking through an arcade, waving to children and playing DanceDance Revolution. Other more normal people who have played the games might want to steer clear if they see one of these lumbering their way.