You can now purchase the Cupcake card back from the Hearthstone store

This one looks delicious.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

This is a great month for Hearthstone if you’re a fan of dressing up your deck. Yesterday, Blizzard unveiled the Faerie Tail card back inspired by the Faerie Dragons of the Emerald Dream.

Faerie Tail will be earnable through ranked wins during the month of September. But that isn’t the only card back you can earn in the coming days. You’ll also have the option to snag one inspired by everyone’s favorite baked snack, cupcakes.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

For some, the Cupcake card back may already be part of your collection. Players originally had the opportunity to earn the Cupcake card back as the reward for winning five ranked games during the April 2015 season. That means this will be the first time anyone has been given the opportunity to snag the card back in over five years.

Right now, you can purchase the Cupcake card back for $2.99 or 500 gold. Since the Cupcake card back was originally thought to be offered as something exclusively earnable through your performance in-game, some may feel off-put by the fact Blizzard has decided to monetize it. But you can still earn the card back with your performance by garnering enough gold.

This isn’t the first time Blizzard has offered a card back in the store, either. During the release period leading up to the launch of Scholomance Academy, players were able to purchase the Naxxaramas card back that hadn’t been earnable in-game since July 2014. It looks like this could be a cycle Blizzard plans on implementing permanently to give new players the chance to earn card backs that were available before they started playing the game.

Dressing your deck is a part of any TCG, not just the virtual ones. If Blizzard wants to give players the option to earn card backs from years past, the majority of the community will probably appreciate the option to grind toward some cosmetics that will be new to their account. If the Naxxramas card back is any indication, you’ll be able to earn the Cupcake card back over the course of a few weeks. Since there’s no official end date for the promotion, though, its shop availability is subject to change. Grind that gold while you can.