New Paladin legendary from The Witchwood revealed

The deck that makes this work could be really cool.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With well over half the cards in Hearthstone‘s next expansion now revealed.

That means that we can begin to build up a clear picture of what the expansion will look like. But even so, powerful cards can still come along and completely change the complexion of what The Witchwood meta will look like.

The Glass Knight is the first of Paladin’s two new legendary cards to be unveiled. It’s a four mana 4/3 with Divine Shield. Whenever you restore Health, the Glass Knight’s Divine Shield refreshes.

This is a really interesting legendary minion, as horrible as that word is. It has an aggressive shape, and refreshing the Divine Shield is a pretty aggressive tool for board control. But having healing in your is a pretty defensive thing to do. The deck that really makes Glass Knight go is going to be a hybrid of offense and defense—and it could be pretty damn good.

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