Two new Witchwood cards help you use your hero powers

Now we just need Inspire to make a comeback.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Two more cards have been revealed, as the release of The Witchwood grows ever closer.

The Witchwood is the first expansion of the Year of the Raven, the next Hearthstone Standard rotation. The set will launch sometime in April. These cards were released through news site Venture Beat.

This card’s effect looks pretty familiar—it’s the same as Prophet Velen, the Classic set Priest legendary. This is the sort of card that, while it is neutral, is almost certain to be played exclusively in Priest if at all. Maybe this will help Combo Priest stay relevant in the new meta.

This card doesn’t have as powerful an effect, but has a much stronger stat line at 3/4 for three mana. It only refreshes your hero power once, but that could be enough if your hero power is one mana with Baku. In fact, both of these cards fit nicely in a potential Baku deck.