New Witchwood cards gives Shaman spells to every class

Who doesn't want a Frost Shock in their Warrior deck?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

As card reveals for The Witchwood enter their second week, players are beginning to get a better overall picture of the expansion.

The Witchwood is the first expansion of the Year of the Raven, the 2018-19 Hearthstone Standard rotation. There are 135 new cards coming to the game when the set goes live later this month.

Witch’s Cauldron is the latest card to be unveiled. It’s a three mana 0/4 that adds a random Shaman spell to your hand whenever a friendly minion dies.

This is another minion card that isn’t really a minion. It’s an inanimate object, like the Warrior legendary Blackhowl Gunspire. It’s also the second card in the set to add random Shaman spells to your hand, except this one is neutral. In that way it’s reminiscent of Grand Crusader.

This card feels very slow, and it’s a bad tempo play on turn three. If your opponent plays offensive minions they could easily kill it or ignore it. Also Shaman spells aren’t really the best. A lot of them are bad, and a lot of the others have Overload—a big drawback, especially for classes other than Shaman.