Bring back some classic legendaries with the newest Witchwood reveal

This is a new concept for sure.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Do you miss Dr Boom? No, no one does.

But there might be some other legendary cards from sets gone by that you miss. What if there was a card that could bring those back into your Standard games? Well, The Witchwood has just that card.

Toki, Time-Tinker is the first Witchwood Mage legendary to be revealed so far. It’s a six mana 5/5, which adds a random Legendary Wild minion to your hand when played.

This is a really cool effect. Obviously when cards rotate out, you can’t generally play them in Standard. That’s sort of the point. But this is a card that lets you revive them, and give your opponent a pretty big shock.

It could be Dr Boom, or Ragnaros, or Sylvannas. The problem is, it could also be Skeleton Knight, or Maexxna, or Hemet. It’s a random card generation, not a Discover effect that would give you more choice.